Friday 15 November 2019

My Yearly "Buying Things I Think Are Dumb" Post

Hey, remember when I bought the Rockies Player's Weekend sets from Topps Now and didn't like it, it happened in 2017 and in 2018. I did it again, and I don't like it again. Prepare yourselves for a proper "Old Man Yells At Cloud" post. Ugly uniforms, lame nicknames and bad player selection, here we come. Starting with Nolan Arenado, the guy is on a Hall of Fame track and the best we can do is "Nado"? That is not a nickname, it is your last name missing some letters.

Garrett Hampson gets included as a rookie card, also with a lame nickname, just because it worked for A-Rod, doesn't mean every player should do the first initial, shortened surname thing. 

What a horrible photo choice, Story did actually play in these games, nothing worse than posed photos on cards. Also I am pretty sure no one really calls him "True", he used "Joe" in 2017 and "Trev" in 2018. He looks really uncomfortable in the photo, and the back of the card is a picture of shoes.

Not even joking.

Oh hey, it's our former closer who got paid $15 million dollars to go 1-6 with a 8.65 ERA. So glad he was included in the set. Pretty sad when probably the best nickname in the set is just his first name with the letter "r" at the end. How about Carlos "Wild Thing" Estévez, that would have been awesome on so many levels, but no, give me Wader.

Another bad free agent signing, another bad nickname attempt. It is just your last name, minus one letter. Seriously Topps? This guy is in the set with this crap photo and no Charlie Blackmon? CHARLIE BLACKMON HAS AN ACTUAL NICKNAME AND HE IS NOT IN THIS SET? GTFO. Tony Wolters had a paper emoji, Yonder Alonso was Mr. 305, both way better than Murph.

Lambo? I guess. By this time our starting pitching was led by Chi Chi Gonzalez, so might as well just throw this guy in for another rookie card.

Some sort of bonus card or team card, Garrett Hampson again for some reason. 2 Hampson cards, 0 Blackmon cards. That is poor. The back is this card is the same as his other card, just with a different number. 

Not even joking.

The one thing that didn't suck, a relic with a hologram that can be tracked to the game. Super thick and numbered to 25, this one I like.

I also like not having to buy ten sets to get the bonus cards, I still have 8 Rockies sets from 2018 for sale or trade.


  1. OK, "True" Story I can get behind as a Chris Berman-esqu nickname, at least until Lucas Duda calls himself "Zip-A-Dee" which would be awesome. Assuming, you know, he ever plays in the majors again.

    But, yeah, Nolan Arenado needs a proper nickname. Best I can find out there is "The Sandblaster" and "Sharknado", either of which would be an improvement!

  2. I avoid Topps On-Demand cards like the plague for this exact reason. A couple of these look cool (the "Nado" relic in particular) but Players' Weekend is for the players - fans and collectors really dont need another gimmick.

    Also, "Wader" sounds like a hockey nickname..unless he spends his off-season walking in rivers or something.

  3. Topps should use that hologram for every memorabilia card they produce from here on out.