Tuesday 19 November 2019

Football Frankenset, Mid November 2019

028 - 2008 UD Masterpieces - Dwight Clark

"The Catch", what more needs to be said.

041 - 1995 Ultra - Curtis Conway

Another reminder at how awful the NFL is treating the 100th Anniversary season compared to the 75th.

051 - 2013 Prizm - Kevin Kolb

A zero year card of the often injured Kevin Kolb, after playing for Eagles and Cardinals, signed with the Bills in 2013, but missed the entire season with a concussion and was forced to retire.

074 - 2018 Absolute - Teddy Bridgewater

Another zero year QB, Bridgewater was signed by the Jets in 2018, but was traded to the Saints before the start of the season as the Jets went with Sam Darnold.

082 - 2019 Elite - Antonio Brown

The Antonio Brown saga not only brought a good amount of entertainment, but also a large amount of zero year cards.

112 - 1994 Collector's Edge - John Offerdahl

When you think of Miami and Dallas, you don't really think of snow games, unless you remember this 1993 Thanksgiving game. Also bonus points for the 1990's era neck guard on the shoulder pads.

146 - 1991 Pro Set WLAF - John Layfield

I love adding weird teams, and the San Antonio Riders of the World League are pretty weird. John Layfield might not be a well known name, but he did go on to pretty big success as JBL and Bradshaw in the WWE.

263 - 2008 Bowman - Leodis McKelvin

The red "Standing Buffalo" throwback, by far my favorite of the Buffalo uniforms, and one of the few still in play with a simple decal swap.

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  1. I remember that Dolphins-Cowboys game! Leon Lett made another bone-headed play, after a similar-but-different blunder did in the Super Bowl. The Layfield and McKelvin cards are neat. I love seeing the WLAF singles resurface.