Wednesday 29 July 2020

Budget = Destroyed

This has by far been the slowest year since I got back into collecting, maybe the lack of live sports, maybe some burn out or a combination of several things, but I have not been excited about anything this year, other than maybe Heritage which I am slowly still building. The good thing has been my card allowance has been building to a point I could dump it on a couple bigger purchases. Speaking of bigger purchases, the above count for the most and third most I have ever spend on an individual card (1977 Mexican Eddie Brown sneaking in between).

I really love the idea of this set, a multi-year, multi-product, living set, all on-card autographs with a nice mix of Fan Favorites and Hall of Famers. These were the last two Redskins I needed, the newly released Russ Grimm is on the way to complete the team set, and the first time I have seen them come up for sale since I started looking a few years ago.

Here they are, all together, not quite as impressive as the complete set that was shown off recently, but a nice little corner of my collection.


  1. Wow, those are sweet! Never seen them before.

  2. Sweet Riggins. Loved watching him run with the ball as a kid.

  3. Very nice Skins set. I am jealous and green or maybe the other way round.