Monday 29 June 2020

Football Frankenset - June 2020

#52 - 2008 Upper Deck - Terrell Owens
"Getcha Popcorn Ready" Bonus points for the throwback uni.

#80 - 2014 Topps - Nate Burleson
Zero Year Alert! Burleson had a pretty good career, but it was cut short before he could actually suit up for the Browns. I was also now aware he was Canadian, born in Calgary while his dad was playing for the Stampeders.

#83 - 1995 SP Championship - Eric Turner
Eric Turner was a very good player who has been largely forgotten, the 2nd overall pick in the 1991 Draft, 2x Pro Bowler, 1x All-Pro and the INT leader for the 1994 season, passed was of stomach cancer in 2000 at the age of 31. Also liked to wear his helmet backward in pre-game.

#111 - 1991 Upper Deck - Rod Woodson
Give me all your patriotic cards, bonus point for what looks like a Pro-Bowl jersey.

#151 - 2018 Panini - Jared Goff
So much yellow, I am obsessed with how bad the color rush era was.

#158 - 2008 Upper Deck - Antonio Cromartie
Great photo, full bleed design that lets the photo do the talking, bonus points for the power blue Chargers

#183 - 2014 Topps - Eddie Lacy
As always, give me all your bad weather cards.

#246 - 2013 Topps - David Wilson
The only two things I know about David Wilson, I know from football cards, he was a rookie in 2012 and he can do a back-flip.

#269 - 2018 Playoff - Equanimeous St. Brown
Sorry Equanimeous, you officially join the East/West Bowl section of the Frankenset.

#272 - 1991 Stadium Club - Dan McGwire
Mostly known for 2 things, Mark's little brother and drafted ahead of Brett Favre.

#274 - 1991 Score - D.J. Dozier
The two sport athlete no one remembers, also played 25 games with the Mets in 1992.

#320 - 2014 Topps - Ed Reed
A short term stop and a sunset card of a Hall of Famer, after 11 years with the Ravens, Reed split his final season between the Texans and the Jets in 2013.

#445 - 1992 Pro Line Profiles - Warren Moon
Speaking of Hall of Famers, Warren Moon is in both the Pro Football and Canadian Football Halls of Fame, appearing here on an NFL card in a CFL uni.


  1. Once I start getting more set build dupes, I'll send you the weather cards out of 2020 Score.

  2. Dan McGwire. Ouch. I remember penny sleeving all of his rookie cards. I'd much rather stare at that T.O. card. That guy was so annoying... but now that he's retired I've grown to appreciate his antics so much more. Definitely one of the most entertaining guys of his era.