Tuesday 2 June 2020

The World Burns & I'm Just Sitting Here Sorting Cards

A previously mentioned flurry of trades from TCDB, starting with the above. I don't usually bother with insert sets, but I will collect any card with this photo on it.

This trade had 18 base cards for the set build, including a Bo Bichette rookie, which is nice to check off and this Luke Voit, another beauty card from a beauty set.

Some cardboard for the Catcher binder in a couple rookies and Grandal from his one year stop with the Brewers.

Finally some Rockies (although the McMahon is technically set help). I really dig the Unparalleled Brendan Rodgers and wish Panini had a licence to make real cards. Finally, I am collecting the 2019 Heritage team set, and TCDB says I need this multi-player card with Kyle Freeland, so here it is.


  1. I'm out of the loop on new cards so I had to look up that Giants set. Pretty cool, especially that one.

  2. That Mays card is awesome! Gotta add that one to my Mays collection.