Sunday 31 May 2020

A Very Clutch Trade

Lots of trade requests coming in on TCDB, it is as is people have extra time on their hands for some reason. Anyway, starting off with some 2020 Gypsy Queen. I skipped my almost annual Gypsy Queen boxes on favor of Heritage this year, but I will still pick up some here and there, including Chance Sisco for the catcher binder and a couple young Rockies.

Speaking of Heritage, some set help with 4 great cards, a couple action shots, a Rockies and Zach Eflin with a great stadium background shot.

Matt Flynn with a great bad weather card that didn't make the cut for the frankenset.

Some football set help with a 2012 Prestige Short Print

Chase Roullier from what seems like the only set that you can get a card of a center from Unparalleled.

A former Redskin in unfamiliar Bengal stripes, a sunset card from his final season in the league consisting of 4 games.

Another one time Redskin, Swearinger never did get a card with Washington in his two seasons there.

I have no memory of Tommy Rees, but that is not surprising as he was signed as an undrafted free agent and spent 7 days in May of 2014 before being released.

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  1. It's crazy that I was totally pulling for Matt Flynn to become the Seahawks starting QB back in 2012. Thought he was gonna totally groom and get Wilson ready for the NFL.