Saturday 2 May 2020

Football Frankenset - May 2020

#3 - 2015 Upper Deck CFL - Weston Dressler
The Saskatchewan Roughriders version of the CFL's bizarre Signature Jersey experiment from 2014 and 2015. Mini wheat sheathes on the helmet, shoulders and numbers make this a weird one that thankfully didn't last very long.

033 - 2004 Upper Deck - Rod Smart
Better known as "HeHateMe", after his short XFL stint, Smart carved out a pretty good NFL career including playing in Super Bowl XXXVIII (Note the patch on the jersey).

048 - 1993 Select - Rod Woodson
Pretty serious snow game shot featuring a Hall of Famer.

54 - 1991 Upper Deck - Joe Montana
Multiple Exposure shot of a Hall of Famer. A very Upper Deck card from their first football set.

79 - 2015 Prestige - Heath Miller
"Bumblebee" throwback to the 1933 Pittsburgh Pirates jerseys worn from 2012-2016 from Prestige, consistently one of my favorite brands.

113 - 2011 Topps - James Starks
Pre-"One Shell Rule" Throwback to the 1929-1930 Packers, obviously a team with the history of Packers will have some decent throwbacks.

153 - 2016 Donruss - Case Keenum
Overload of yellow from the Color Rush era and a great design with a nod to 1990 Donruss baseball.

200 - 2019 Score - Trent Williams
Knocking out 1993 Pinnacle Barry Sanders, hard to beat an O-Lineman with the ball, Williams recovered a fumble and ran for 8 yards setting up a field goal helping the Redskins beat the Panthers in 2018.

215 - 1996 Jogo - Mike Sellers
Sellers turned pro at 19 with the Eskimos as a two way player, Defensive Lineman and Fullback, went to the NFL, then back to the CFL as a running back, then back to the NFL earning a Pro Bowl berth in 2008 as a Fullback.

241 - 2017 Select - Kam Chancellor
I don't think any team fully embraced the Color Rush look as much as the Seahawks.

247 - 1995 Stadium Club - Steve Everitt
I have loved this card since I first got it 1995, it really speaks for itself.

807 - 1991 Pro Set - Chris Gardocki
Although there is not much competition at spot #807, this card would earn it's place in many spots, I love the draft pick subset of 1991 Pro Set along with the Punter-Kicker position, Gardocki would drop the kicker and go on to play in 244 games earning one Pro Bowl berth.


  1. Great throwback in that Starks card.

  2. Are you going to 1,000? Yikes.

    Voting for scary Steve Everitt.

  3. I like mixing it up by putting the CFL in there.

  4. That Woodson card is so cool. Love seeing snow on football cards. I know GCRL has a Tatooine collection where a player is surrounded by infield dirt and nothing else. That Woodson could be a start to a Hoth PC.