Tuesday 14 April 2020

Merging Maildays

Two smaller recent packages one from an online store and on from a trade, starting with the above 1994 Collector's Choice Gold parallel, one of the harder Brad Edwards cards to find. This is actually the second one I have bought, but the first either got lost in the mail or I got ripped off.

Dexter Manley from his brief and rocky time in the CFL, once Redskins great and Super Bowl champion, bounced around with the Buccaneers, Cardinals and eventually with the Ottawa Rough Riders while battling drug addiction and illiteracy. 

Crazy mid-90's shiny from oddball company Collector's Edge.

And a "One of Every Bruin" in Niklas Svedberg with a nice mask closeup.

Now, with the trade cards, Al Dorow from 1994 Archives reprint of the 1957 set, a great, cheap way to get a nice clean card of players from over 60 years ago.

Sterling Palmer, a little know linebacker, who didn't last long in the league, but always looked tough with the big neck roll.

Al Noga on the Gold Parallel of his only Redskins card, not looking so tough with the tied up belly shirt.

Stadium Club Ken Harvey, I always loved the Pro Bowl uniforms with the team helmet.


  1. I remember my relatives in Hawaii raving over Al Noga when he attended UH. I wonder what they'd think if they saw that card of him. But in all seriousness... that guy was a beast.

  2. That Canadian Dexter is very cool. Was not aware that he was there.

  3. This is a tough one. But my vote goes to the Manley (CFL card of NFL star) over the Harvey (4-time Pro Bowler).