Tuesday 7 April 2020

Falling in Love w/ Heritage (aka my 1st 2020s)

There are many constants in my collecting and by extension this blog, with one of them being my dislike for Heritage. Sure, I have Heritage in my collection, the large checklist usually makes for a few cards that sneak on my wantlist, but never too many. This year is different, this is the year I have been waiting for since I got back into collection. This blog actually started as a way to document the variations in 1971 Topps. 

My first card of 2020, perfect, this is what I always wanted Heritage to be, classic design with in game photos. 1971 has some great classic photos, so seeing this right off the bat is fantastic.

My first Rockies card of 2020, not so exciting, but fitting with the original set, not all action shots. Also the Heritage logo is pretty subtle, which I like.

We really could stop here, card number 5, paying homage to the famous Thurman Munson card, I am totally sold, 10/10, totally in love.

Tony "don't dash on the 'stache" Wolters, greatness.

Put this in a frame and hang it on my wall.

Horizontal greatness

Mets really getting some nice cards here.

The 100 short prints are a daunting task for the set build, but I at least pulled this and got it out of the way. Also love the All-Star Rookie trophy as opposed to the rookie cup.

Not my pull, but also O-Pee-Chee backs, oui, oui!

My final verdict and review, Drive this set directly into my damn veins!


  1. Nice call on the Davis. The photograph used look like it would have been used by one of those sports poster companies back in the 70's. Hands down my favorite card in this post.

  2. While this set is not 100% faithful to 1971 Topps, I agree 2020 Topps Heritage is a totally awesome set. I did buy one hobby box of it, will buy another and hope to eventually complete the set (but those SPs are a major hurdle).

  3. I had not seen the J.D. Davis card. That certainly is a beauty!