Wednesday 19 August 2020

BaseballCardStore - Hockey Pick-ups

Part 2 of the order, of course a Canadian site would have hockey cards. Some things they not have less of and I have more of, shiny Bruins goalies! A Select Tuukka, a very shiny Lord Byron and a Gold Medallion of the Lach Ness Monster. 

Some, not so-shiny goalies from 2003 Pacific, both the base and the red parallel of Jeff Hackett and Steve Shields.

and some great looking Bill Ranford cards from his second stop in Boston.

Bobby Orr cards I didn't have to 10 cents, yes please.

Both the corrected and error version of Ken Hodge (and Ed Westfall) from 1991 Ultimate, a weird brand from the over-production era, and a really great set to be honest.

A "One of Every Bruin" and a new Cam Neely, this one being the Topps version.

A new Irbe for the PC, a Topps Premier parallel and Blair Atcheynum, a guy my Dad played senior hockey with.

Hockey Minis! A goalie and Ray Bourque looking weird with Colorado.

And finally, Mike Liut, my favorite 80's goalie with my favorite goalie mask on a beauty of a card.

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  1. Hackett, Shields, and Irbe. This post is filled with former Sharks goalies. And that Liut is awesome.