Sunday 16 August 2020

BaseballCardStore - Review and Football pick-ups.

I finally tried out the new "virtual dime box" site that I have seen around lately, 10 cents a card and base out of Canada so cheap shipping, why not? I managed to scrounge through and picked of 85 cards, including a couple trade baits, and I have to say, I really like the site, no photos or scans of a lot of cards isn't ideal, but not a deal breaker, and the fact you can pay for and set aside a few cards and get them shipped later with another order is huge. Shipping was fast and everything was extremely well packaged. 10/10, would order from again.

On to the cards, a couple Redskins parallels, including a Cory Raymer Gold Medallion, a parallel set I love, but a photo choice that is none to flattering.

Some throwback unis and another Gold Medallion.

A couple CFL cards from the Canadian site, Geroy Simon from a weird set, Less Browne with a Grey Cup cameo and Ed Berry in what I thought was a throwback uni, but was actually the primary uniform for Toronto from 1989-1990. 

A couple Riders, including a Frankenset member in Dressler to go into the CFL set binder.

A "Zero-Year" with Barry Foster as a Panther, which will be represented in the frankenset, just not with this card.

A couple Redskins from 2004 fan-favorite, including Clint Didier's second major release card.

A couple cards that I wouldn't usually be interested in, but for a dime, why not.

Lastly, a couple mini's, I will take any football tobacco sizes minis for 10 cents. 

That's it for football, baseball & hockey to follow.

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  1. Glad to see this virtual dime box is still thriving. Haven't been back in a long time, but I'm sure I will eventually. Nice Tatupu. Loved watching him play for the Hawks back in the day.