Sunday 29 November 2020

Football Frankenset - November 2020


#67 - 1993 Playoff Contenders - Bernie Kosar
A rare mid-season short term stop, Kosar played in 4 regular season games with the Cowboys, and finished the year with a Super Bowl ring.

#84 - 1995 Upper Deck - James Jett
Great name for a receiver in the sweet Raiders Silver number and logo throwbacks.

#153 - 1992 Pro Set - Jimmy Johnson
You don't really see coach cards anymore, which is a shame when you see ones like this. As much as I dislike the Cowboys, this is too good not to include.

#214 - 1990 Pro Set - Rickey Jackson
The oldest bad weather card on the list so far with Jim Kelly taking a beating.

#225 - 1995 Upper Deck - John Carney
From a dual throwback game featuring the Chargers and Falcons, with a nice design and a ton of throwback jerseys, 1995 Upper Deck remains a personal favorite.

#226 - 1991 Pro Set Platinum - Randall McDaniel
If you can't fix it with zip-ties, it probably can't be fixed.

#240 - 1991 Pro Set Platinum - Rodney Hampton
Another great shot from the under-rated 1991 Pro Set Platinum.

#286 - 1993 Upper Deck - Courtney Hawkins
Not my favorite Upper Deck design, but the team colors work along with an outstanding photo. I love the shots with the crowd in the background.

#295 - 2012 Score - Joseph Addai
Zero Year, signed with the Pats, failed his physical and was gone the next day.

296 - 1989 Pro Set - Alex Gordon
Sweet defensive player with ball photo.

#301 - 1992 Pro Set - Bryan Hinkle
Another great photo from 1992 Pro Set.

#431 - 2001 Pacific - Yancey Thigpen
Pretty much the whole Titans team set is from this game, not a ton of options getting up this high.

#461 - 1989 Pro Set - Otis Wilson
Big part of the 1980's Bears Defense, struggled with injuries late in his career, only playing in one game with the Raiders before retiring.

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  1. Mental note: 1992 Pro Set football had some awesome photography.

    Sure hope I stumble across a cheap set of these post-Covid and I'm able to hit up card shows and flea markets again.