Friday 11 February 2022

Football Frankenset - Feb 2022

Just in time for the upcoming Big Game, the first 2022 installment of the Football Frankenset.

010 - 2018 Panini Classics - Justin Tucker

Most likely the next Hall of Fame Kicker and Super Bowl XLVII champ, showing off a lot here, including the all purple color rush on a cool retro-style design.

011 - 1997 Pinnacle - Kerry Collins

Too weird not to include our Super Bowl XXXV runner-up, in fact, there is a lot of weird stuff in this set. Not sure what the Elvis connection is, but as someone who was married by a guy in an Elvis suit, this is an easy add.

024 - 2016 Donruss - Kamar Aiken

One of the grossest color combos in recent history, purple tops and gold pants, highlighted by the great team color version of the classic 1990 Donruss baseball set.

086 - 1996 Stadium Club - Darryl Johnston

My love of 3x Super Bowl Champ fullbacks and throwbacks supersedes my dislike for the Cowboys, if only the stars were a little bigger....

095 - 2012 Panini Gridiron - Jamaal Charles

Jamaal's Jump is decidedly not as catchy as the Lambeu Leap

187 - 2010 Topps - Torry Holt

A zero year and sunset card for Super Bowl XXXIV winner Holt, who I honestly though was a Hall of Famer, but I guess not yet. Signed with the Patriots, but was released on an injury settlement before the season.

196 - 1999 Ultra - Mike Alstott

More fullback action with Super Bowl XXXVII winner Alstott going over the top with a timely Bengals cameo.

204 - 1989 Pro Set - Mike Lansford

Barefoot kicker = Instant addition. Also timely Rams content.

228 - 2009 Topps - Albert Haynesworth

I feel bad for whoever had to sit there and photo-shop that gut.

288 - 2018 Donruss - Base 288 - Samaje Perine

Let us never forget the color rush era and how gross it was, I remember Perine not being very good for the Team that Shall not be named, but I guess he's gonna play in the Super Bowl, so good for him.

299 - 1996 Collector's Choice - Steve McNair

Super Bowl XXXIV participant McNair has a surprising large amount of snow game cards.

323 - 1992 Pacific - Ricardo McDonald

Honestly, I just like the name Ricardo McDonald and the weird photo.

426 - 1993 Stadium Club - Ken O'Brien

Longtime Jets QB was traded to the Packers when New York singed Boomer Esiason, was cut by Green Bay before the season, I guess they liked that Favre kid better.

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  1. Cool Moose and Alstsott. I really liked fullbacks from the 80's and 90's.