Friday 18 November 2011

1971 Topps Variations: Jack Hiatt #371

With Dot
Another entry in the 1971 variation collection, card number 371 Jack Hiatt. Two versions of this card exist, one with a white dot after "catcher", and one without. The white dot version seems to be much more common, but there seems to be no price premium and both are treated as a common card, with no designation on the graded versions I have seen. Pretty standard card for the early 70's era, with the classic windbreaker-under-jersey look. The photo appears to be from his Giants days with his logo poorly airbrushed out, or blobbed over, even though he split 1970 between the Expos and Cubs. The picture on the back does have Jack in his Astros hat though.

Without Dot
Jack Hiatt had a fairly standard career as a back-up/platoon catcher, playing in 483 MLB games from 1964-1972 with 22 home runs, 154 RBI and a .251 batting average spread over 5 different teams. And he totally looks like Karl Pilkington.

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