Wednesday 30 November 2011

CotD: 2011 Topps #560 Chris Iannetta

The Rockies traded Chris Iannetta to the Angels tonight for 21 year old pitcher Tyler Chatwood. As someone who always followed catchers more closely than other players, Iannetta was one of my favorite Rockies. I followed him through the minors until he and Troy Tulowitzki made their debuts in late 2006 and it looked like they would form a solid base to build around for years to come, but the consistency was never there for Iannetta and he lost playing time over the years to Yorvit Torrealba, then Miguel Olivo before playing in a career high 112 games in 2011. I will always remember traveling to Denver in July of 2010 and seeing Chris hit a walk-off home run in the first baseball game I had went to since 1997 and the same night I got bought his jersey before the game started.

So this 2011 Topps card will probably be one of his last cards as a Rockie, at least he got a sweet action photo of an impending play at the plate. I imagine Topps will either airbrush him into an Angels jersey or leave him out of series one sets. I have been fighting with trying to collect all the variations, but I really lost track with all the Hope/Cognac/Diamond sparkly cards and the Blue border/Red border/target/diamond factory set variations. I think Topps really went overboard this year with parallels, I hope they tone it down a bit next year.

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