Friday, 10 February 2012

Baseball Cards Come in the Mail!

A trade package just came in from Bo from Baseball Cards Come to Life! who I found though Night Owl's brilliant One Card Challenge post, filling some random needs. My highlight is the 1996 Collector's Choice "Bichette Happens" card from the mulleted Blake Street Bombers era, I still can't believe it took me this long to get this card.

He also filled a few random needs, Ron Hassey 1982 Topps (The only player to catch two perfect games), Ryan Turner as the first Rockies player to be on a baseball card (Rockies vintage?), Terry Puhl rookie for the Saskatchewan collection, and a David Cone perfect game highlight card (another for the perfect game PC).

and a nice pile of 1987 Topps from my wantlist (yes there is someone in the world that actually wants 1987 Topps cards). 1987 was the first set I every collected and I love to design so I have a soft spot for it, and that Chris Bando card is a beauty catcher card.

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