Wednesday 11 April 2012

Custom Card: 1991 Upper Deck Rafael Betancourt

Not a vintage set, but a set I have always liked and a pre-Rockies set. Nice clean design, I like the logo in home plate with the baseline dirt and grass borders, nothing groundbreaking just a nice looking set.

Rafael Betancourt comes into 2012 as the Rockies new closer after being the 8th inning guy the last 2 and a half years. Betancourt doesn't get much recognition around baseball, but over 151 innings with Colorado he has struck out 192 guys, while walking 22, for a 8.73 strikeout per walk ratio. Betancourt hasn't appeared on cardboard since 2008 when he was with Cleveland, but he does now have a card in the 2012 Topps Rockies Team Set, card number COL14, so it looks like he will be in Topps Series 2.

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