Monday 2 April 2012

Questions for Team Collectors

Rockies or D-Backs?
I have been planning on doing this post for a while, but finally just got around to it, a few months ago the kind individual behind Cards from the Quarry let me see his "One of every Rockies" master list to compare with mine, while we had the players the same, our definition of what constitutes a Rockies card differed slightly. Among the differences were Jeff Fassero and Bruce Hurst, both have one card in a Rockies uniform, but are listed as D-Backs and Rangers. The reverse happened with Jose Mesa, who has cards listing him with the Rockies, but only shown in a Pirates uniform. Multi-player cards also came into question, Mark Strittmatter appears on two multi-player cards, not one of his own, but both feature only Rockies players, Thomas Field has his first card in the new heritage, but it has a Giant and a Cardinal on it. So a question to team collectors, what are your opinions on what constitutes a team card, I am curious to see how other people define team cards (and if anyone actually reads this)

Floating Head Madness
Pirates or Rockies?


  1. for my team sets, the card must list the player(s) as being a Brave. Regardless what the picture shows.
    If there is a card of a player in a Braves uni, but he is listed as a Pirate, (like Nate McLouth)he is not included.

    This includes multi-player cards like league leaders and rookie cards. If there is a Brave listed, it is included in my team set.

  2. I'm with Captain Canuck on his first 2 points.

    For me when it comes to multi-player cards, unless all of the players shown and listed are Orioles, they don't get included in my team sets.

  3. I include all cards that list the Giants as their team. If I run across cards of players in a Giants uniform, I will pick most of them up but don't have them as part of my master checklist (although players like Jason Schmidt or Jeff Kent who go over to the dark side will not be in my collection in a Dodgers uniform or with the team named as Dodgers.

    I include multi player cards as long as one is of a Giant.

  4. I take the Ryan H. approach. I collect Blue Jays and in my collection are cards that list the players as a Jay. If in a Jays uniform and listed as a Yankee, he gets excluded. I don't include multi-player cards either unless all are Blue Jays.

  5. For me, a player must be listed as a Dodger OR appear in a Dodger uniform. I just can't exclude a card in which the picture screams DODGERS and then there is tiny print saying "White Sox."

    Along those lines I HAVE excluded cards of players in which the player is pictured in a different uniform and there is tiny print that says "Now with Dodgers." Depends on the picture I guess. And my mood.

  6. The agree with the Captain on all points. First the card has to list the player as a Brewer for my Brewers team set, any multi-player cards count if there is a Brewer on the card. But ultimately it's your collection, do what you want. The only rules are your rules!

  7. I agree. If the card says Mariners, it goes in the Super Set. We all know that most Topps cards nowadays are airbrushed to their new teams. If it says another team but shows a M's uni they are still out. As far as multi player cards I will always put in any card that has any Mariners player on it into the big set.

    You have decide if you want to have a mish mosh or anything that says or shows Rockies.

  8. I'm on board with the Captain Canuck approach. If it says "Phillies" on it, it goes into the collection.

  9. If it says Rangers, it's in. If it say "some other dumbass team", but it shows the Rangers, it shouldn't be in, but I get those in trades all the time so I have a stack of them.

  10. If it says White Sox, it's in, if it says "another team" but the player is in a White Sox uniform, it's in. I only get those in trades or packs anyways so as long as it didn't cost me anything, I'll add it. I wouldn't pay for a card like that though.

    As far as the multiple players cards, if it has a Sox player on it, it goes in my collection.

    Now none of those get included in the team sets, but they do go in the White Sox collection.