Saturday 14 April 2012

What's Your Best Cards?: Football Edition

I was talking to a friend who is getting his son into collecting and he asked me what my best card was. This got me thinking as I really pay no attention to card values other than what I am will to pay for the cards I want. As a team collector I am usually after team sets and commons more than high value cards, so I don't really have any huge value cards. This led me to go through some boxes trying to decide what my "best" cards were. Here is what I came up with for my best football card, after passing through my small  1977 Topps Mexican collection, I stumbled on 2004 Playoff Prime Signatures Sean Taylor /Chris Cooley . This card could have been a lot better, but Sean Taylor never signed any cards for card companies, but as a Cooley fan having his signature is nice. It's serial numbered out of 199 and is a nice thick card with the auto inside the card similar to a relic. I also found 2 Sean Taylor relics, one I forgot I even had and a super super Certified Materials numbered 21/25. So a simple question led to a nice browse through my collection, if anyone else reads this and wants to share, "What's your best cards?"

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  1. I have a Roger Staubach rookie that I collected from a pack in '72. I also have a Gayle Sayers auto, I think it's the Fleer SI. Being a Bears fan I'm partial to the Kansas Comet.