Thursday 3 May 2012

2012 Gypsy Queen Box Break 1 Results

Box one of 2012 Gypsy Queen has been broken, my hits were nothing special but it was a fun box to break and the cards look awesome, on card auto's, the frame parallel are nice, not a huge fan of the inserts but the glove stories are cool. Here is a rundown of what I pulled

Base Set: 167 of 300 (55.6%)
Rockies: 4 (all base cards)
Base Doubles: 15
Photo Variants: 6
Autographs: 2 (Kyle Seager, Jon Niese)
Relic: 1 (Billy Butler)
Framed Mini Relic: 1 (Andrew McCutchen)
Moonshots: 8
Glove Stories: 4
Sliding Stories: 8

Base: 9
Photo Variants: 7
SP's (301-350): 3
Straight Cut Back: 4
Sepia: 1 (Larry Doby)
Black: 2 (Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson)
Red GQ Back: 4
Green: 1
Mini Sliding Stars: 1 (Jimmy Rollins)
Mini Moonshots: 1 (Jim Thome)
Mini Glove Stories: 1 (Endy Chavez)

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