Thursday 30 August 2012

Custom Card: 1991 Pinnacle Jordan Pacheco

My love for Pinnacle brands is no secret on this blog and while 1992 marked the first year for Pinnacle baseball, the debut of Pinnacle came in 1991 with sets for NHL and NFL. The same design was us for the 1991 NHL and NFL, just as the same design was used for MLB, NFL and NHL in 1992 and 1993 so we can imagine that if Pinnacle made a baseball set in 1991 they would have stayed with a common design. 1991 did not feature as great a design as 1992 or as simple as 1993, but it's something that grows on you. I love the team color gradient which would be re-used in 1992. The biggest drawback of the 1991 design is the amount of unused space on the card, leaving the action photo fairly small.

Pacheco has been somehwhat of a bright spot in the abyss that has been the 2012 Rockies season, his average over .300 as a rookie has been a plus along with his ability to play first, third and catch, but his low slugging and walk total leave something to be desired.

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