Wednesday 3 October 2012

2012 Update Rockies Team Set

I might be a little weird, but I am alright with that. As a team collector and fan of obscure players on Rockies cards the Topps Update set is the highlight of card collecting calender for me. I am the kind of collector that get more excited about Matt Belisle getting a base card than collecting stars like Troy Tulowitzki, Carlos Gonzalez or Todd Helton. My breakdown of the 2012 Update Rockies team set is as follows:

Jamie Moyer (US46 & US123) - Despite being released by Colorado in early June and spending time with the AAA clubs of the Orioles and Blue Jays, Moyer not only gets his first Rockies card Update, he has two cards, one the standard base and a "Oldest Pitcher to Win a Game" highlight card. Two cards might be overkill and I don't like horizontal cards, but it's nice to get a cardboard reminder of Moyer's time in purple pinstripes.

Carlos Gonzalez (US6 & US259) - Cargo also gets two cards with All-Star and Home Run Derby cards, three if you include the "All-Star Parade" photo variation. It's nice they show him in his All-Star jersey, but again two cards might be a little redundant. Cargo is also in the Blockbuster manu-patch set which looks awesome.

Christian Friedrich (US20) - The only Rockies card with the Rookie Card logo, Friedrich gets his first "true" rookie card after being in a couple Bowman sets. Friedrich does not get two cards as Topps did not include a "MLB Debut" for him.

Matt Belisle (US224) - Finally Matt Belisle gets a Rockies card. He is finishing his 4th season with Colorado and has pitched in 253 games with a 23-18 record and a 3.54 ERA as well as two games in the 2009 playoffs but hasn't appeared on cardboard since 2008 with the Reds. Belisle has been one of the most valuable Rockies since 2010 and has deserved a card for a few years.

Matt Reynolds (US281) - Although this card doesn't get the RC logo this is his rookie card. The left handed reliever makes his first cardboard appearance after pitching in over 70 games for the past two seasons.

Jonathan Sanchez (US29) Destined to be an obscure Rockies card, Sanchez was acquired for Jeremy Guthrie in July and pitched terribly in 3 games, going 0-3 with a 9.53 ERA before being put on the DL. Sanchez is a free agent after 2012 and will probably not be back with Colorado.

Jeremy Guthrie - (US114) This a weird one, Guthrie was with Colorado from the start of 2012 until July 20th but did not get a card in either the Rockies team set or series 2, then was traded to Kansas City for Jonathan Sanchez. So we get both the player we traded and the player we traded for in 2012 Update. I am suprised Guthrie is not a Royal in this set, but I won't complain about him getting his only Rockies card.

Tyler Chatwood (US210) - Chatwood got his first Rockies card in 2012 Heritage so this is not a very exciting card for me, I would have rather seen someone like Tyler Colvin, Adam Ottavino, Josh Roenicke or an Edwar Cabrera rookie card, although Cabrera will probably be in the Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects set.

Chris Nelson (US22) - Nelson has had cards in 2004 Topps Traded as a draft pick and in a couple Bowman sets so he's in the same book as Chatwood above, Tyler Colvin being the obvious player missed, but this is the best photo of the Rockies cards so I won't complain to much.

Overall I like the player selection, 5 players getting their first Rockies cards, 3-4 of them probably their only Rockies cards as Moyer and Guthrie are already gone, Sanchez won't be back and I can't see Matt Reynolds getting another card without a Topps Total or UD 40-man type of set coming to be. I have ripped Topps in the past, put I am very happy with this offering.


  1. Nice! I like the obscure guys too. Even as a Cubs fan, I feel I have enough Starlin Castros already and he's only been around since 2010!

  2. Love this post. My favorite current Padre is Chris Denorfia, who is basically a "fourth outfielder" for San Diego, but I was surprised when he made it into this year's Heritage set. I was disappointed to not see him in Series 1 or 2, but glad that he made the cut for Update. I'm probably the only one that's interested in the Yasmani Grandal and Anthony Bass cards from Update as well.