Tuesday 1 October 2013

2013 Topps Chrome Box 1 Results and Review

Anyone who was jealous of the two boxes I posted yesterday, probably won't be after reading the next few posts. I will start with the base cards, I have read about some bad coalition in this product, but my box had zero duplicates, which is always a positive for someone who started collecting in the late 1980's, but one box still puts you at about 1/3 of the set. I am actually a little disappointed in the base set, I really liked the 2013 Topps flagship design, but it looks kind of drab with the chrome replacing the white. That being said, the refractors look amazing, other than the X-Fractors which I am not sold on. The Black parallels are stunning and might be my pick for the best looking design/parallel of 2013.

The inserts didn't really do much for me either, Topps did a good job with the 1972 style cards, but I am not really a fan of that set, so that is more or a personal taste issue. The Dynamic Die-Cuts are a nice design, and the Connection Die-Cuts seem like they are designed specifically to annoy people trying to put them in pages or penny sleeves.

The autographs look good with the on card auto's, but I pulled two duds in Jeurys Familia and Alfredo Marte. Out of my 96 cards the highlight is either the Tyler Skaggs Black Refractor or a Bryce Harper X-Fractor, which is pretty depressing. No Puig, Jose Fernandez, Gattis or Nolan Arenado, not even a base. I think this might be a combination of me expecting too much and getting a weak box, but I am pretty disapointed by this one.

Below is a full list of what I pulled:

Base: 75 (No Dupes) (34% of the base set)
Refractors: 8
X-Fractors: 4
Black Refractor: 1 (Tyler Skaggs)
Sepia Refractor: 1 (Jim Johnson)
Autograph: 1 (Alfredo Marte)
Autograph Refractor: 1 (Jeurys Familia)
Connection Die-Cuts: 2
Dynamic Die Cuts: 1
1972 Chrome: 2


  1. I'm definitely interested in the Bryce Harper XFractor.

  2. Just a weak box, I opened 12 boxes and 9 of the 12 had some sort of numbered auto, just unlucky. Hope box 2 is better!

  3. Two D-Backs? Seems pretty awesome to me. Lol.