Monday, 27 January 2014

Acetate Appreciation: 2013 Pinnacle - Clear Vision

Not an acetate card in the truest sense, but a set I have been looking forward to posting about, it just took this long for me to finally get one. The newest incarnation of Pinnacle fell kind of flat for me, I still can't get past Panini having to remove logos, but the insert were interesting.

Here we have the "Clear Vision" inserts, coming in ten parallels (five for hitters and five for pitchers). The cards are made in two layers, the top or front of the card being a shiny foily layer with a cutout, and the bottom or back of the cards being acetate should which parallel, this one being a double, with a cloudy background. I couldn't capture it on a scan, but if you hold the cards sideways and look at the edge you can see this pretty clearly. Pretty underwhelming as far as the acetate part, but the multiple layers make for a pretty interesting card.

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