Thursday, 2 January 2014

2013 Collecting Goals Summary

 Last January I posted some collecting goals for myself and for the state of the blog. As 2014 starts I thought it would be interesting to go over these and see how the year went.

2013 Goals

1. Keep the blog active, the minimum I have set for myself is 2 posts a week but I hope to stay more active than that. I think I did OK on this, 121 posts for the year puts me over 2 week with a few longer planned breaks.

2. Complete more trades, in little over a year I did 15 trades, so about one a month, not bad but a few more would be nice. 17 trades in 2013, 2 more than 2012.

3. Finish the "One of every Rockie" collection. This was a success, with Aaron Ledesma being the last pre-2013 card needed.

4. Complete a 2013 set, I will be buying 2 boxes of 2013 Gypsy Queen which should get me close to the base set leaving me to work on any short prints. Success, 2013 Gypsy Queen base set was completed as well as most of 2013 Topps Series 2.

5. Complete 2 older sets, right now I am looking at 1992 Pinnacle and 2012 Gypsy Queen short prints, or at least all of them other than the Darvish. Success, both of these were completed in 2013.

6. Get my 2011 GQ set above 50%, right now I have 147 out of 350 (42%) including 33 of 50 short prints (66%). Success, after a big ebay lot, I now need one card (#308, Kila Ka'aihue) for the set with SP's.

7. Acquire at least one more 1977 Topps Mexican NFL Redskin, I am down to 7 for the team set with mostly expensive short prints left. Success, with a PSA 7 Frank Grant.

8. Get a TTM autograph, I was going to try this last past year, but the NHL lockout put this on hold, I will try a few over the year and see what happens. Success, Tomas Kaberle on a 1987 Topps custom.

9. Get an in person auto, more on this next week hopefully. Success, 4 Blue Jays as part of the 2013 Winter Tour.

10. See a pro baseball game. Success, a trip to Vancouver seeing a Canadians game.

11. Buy a box of cards other than Gypsy Queen. I would hardly call my two crappy boxes of Topps Chrome a success, but it does fulfill the requirement.

12. Add to my Rockies autograph cards, Matt Holliday, Larry Walker and Andres Galarraga top this list. I did well on this with a nice Matt Holliday and a few prospects, but the Walker and Galarraga are still on the want list.

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