Sunday 28 September 2014

Jonathan Gray - Bowman Black Collection 2.0

A while back, my top collecting goal was to get all the Rockies from the multi-year, multi-brand Bowman Black Collection Autograph series. This past winter I managed to track them all down, but a new year means new cards, although always new players. In March of this year, my redemption for the Jonathan Gray Bowman Black Collection from 2013 Bowman Draft came arrived, then in June I noticed Jon Gray was again listed in Bowman Inception as a part of the BBC checklist. My first reaction was annoyance at re-using a player from last year instead of another prospect, but after receiving the card, the photo selection on this one is way better, and the prospect I really wanted Topps to use, Raimel Tapia, got a Black Collection card in Bowman flagship this year.

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