Saturday 13 September 2014

Maybe Topps Bunt Isn't All Bad

Things are very slow in the card front around here, so after scrambling through the scanned folder I found something that I had totally forgot about. Back in June I downloaded the Topps Bunt app, the virtual trading card game and starting messing around with, buying packs, making a few trades, and it turned out to be a fun little time waster. Then I heard people were actually selling these digital cards on the secondary market. So after pulling an Xander Bogaerts insert I put it up on ebay to test the waters. The auction ended at $7.56, almost 8 bucks for a card that does not actually exist! So with a basically free $7.56 in my paypal I added the card below to my collection.

$6.50 for a Carlos Gonzalez 2009 Upper Deck autograph. I would call the a huge win, basically trading a card that doesn't exist in real life, for an autograph of one of my favorite players, thanks Topps Bunt.


  1. Can't believe people pay money for Bunt cards. Good for you!

  2. I'm a super collector and REFUSE to pay any real money for cards that don't exist just to enhance my portfolio. I'd say you did really well for yourself.