Tuesday 30 September 2014

2015 Gypsy Queen First Look

My collecting tendencies come and go, sometimes it's hockey, sometimes it's football, sometimes it's base cards, sometimes it's higher end, sometimes it's Ramon Hernandez. The one constant since getting back into collecting has been Gypsy Queen. I have finished 2011-2013 and 2014 is getting closer. Every year since 2012 I have bought 2 boxes, I love Gypsy Queen.

So yeah, I was a little excited to see Topps previewing next years offering, and upon first look I was puzzled. This is by far the least Gypsy Queen looking set of the 5 years the product has been out, but I think I like it. At first glance I think the border is the most photo friendly and the words Gypsy Queen seem to be way smaller. Where you really notice it is on the minis, in past years the border was the main focal point, this year it takes a back seat to the actual player photo.

The minis really look good, and sleak, and the parallels are back, although the black are now limited to five, which is too bad because those have always been my favorite and are now probably out of my price range.

Autographs are always the highlight of Gypsy Queen, usually a big checklist with some questionable players, but almost always on card and that is huge for me.

I know I am biased, but I like what I see so far from 2015 GQ and am looking forward to the fifth edition of my favorite Topps brand.


  1. I like Gypsy Queen as it gives pretty good value, but you are right about the auto checklist. It is nice to have variety, but they seem to pull some names out of hat and put them in the set.

  2. Looks like a pretty solid design.