Saturday 4 October 2014

More Weird Catcher Relic Pick-ups

While not usually a fan of relics, Tools of the Trade did some things that are just to awesome it ingore. The above John Buck with pieces of shin guard, glove, chest protector and steel bars from a mask is one of those cards that there was no way I was going to pass up.

The Ivan Rodriguez switches out the shin guard for a piece of jersey but is the first mask card I have seen with hollow bars, and is the first from a traditional catcher's mask and not the goalie style that Buck wears.

These join the Johnny Estrada I picked up last year and as far as I can tell I am only missing a Paul Lo Duca mask card to have one of each from the Tools of the Trade sets.


  1. Thanks for posting this one. I'm off to see if the checklist has any Cubs in it. These are way cool!

  2. These are pretty cool cards. I like it when a card company takes the relic game outside of the usual jerseys and pants. One of the reasons I like NASCAR cards is the variety of relics available. In addition to swatches of the drivers' firesuits, gloves, hats, and shoes, there are pieces of the cars themselves, like swatches of tire, sheet metal, seats, windshields, and lug nuts.

  3. These make me wish Griffey played catcher. Super awesome insert...