Saturday 17 January 2015

1996-97 Collector's Edge Ice The Wall (pt2)

Jim Carey of the Portland Pirates - This was probably the biggest card at the time, Carey was coming off winning the 1995-96 Vezina trophy in his second NHL season, leading the league with 9 shutouts. His career would then take a quick downturn after being traded to the Bruins, sent to the minors, then signing with the Blues. Pretty surprising someone who was the best goalie in the NHL at age 21, would be out of professional hockey by age 24.

Dwayne Roloson of the Saint Johns Flames - The longest NHL career of the goalies in the set playing in 606 NHL games, Roloson had his best year in 2005-06 leading the Oilers to the Stanley Cup Finals, but then got hurt in game 1 and the Oilers eventually lost to the Hurricanes.

Les Kuntar of the Hershey Bears - The only player in this set I didn't recognize, Kuntar played 6 games form Montreal in 1993-94. His wiki page is only 3 sentences long, moving on.

Mike Dunham of the Albany River Rats - Dunham had a better career than I remember, he shared the Jennings trophy as a rookie in 1996-97 with Martin Brodeur, and went on to play in 394 NHL games spending time as the main goalie for both Nashville and the Rangers.

Eric Fichaud of the Worcester Icecats - I remember Fichaud being a bigtime prospect, but I could be mis-remembering or he seriously flamed out only playing in 75 NHL games over parts of 6 seasons.

Kevin Hodson of the Adirondack Red Wings - A young goalie buried behind Chris Osgood on the Red Wings Cup teams in 1997 and 1998. Finished his career with the Lightning playing in 71 career NHL games.

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