Monday 22 June 2015

Goalies From Sportlots

Scratching a small hockey itch with a package from Sportlots, two throwback style cards using the beautiful 1954-55 Topps design, adding to my growing Irbe collection. The Whitmore was the card the started the order, somehow he got a card after spending 5 mostly forgettable games with the Bruins in 2000.

Another throwback with a 1971 style Evgeni Nabokov, always interesting to see an expansion team on an old design, but it's kind of ruined with the O-Pee-Chee logo randomly slapped on.

Quite possibly the best looking card of the lot, as much as I dislike the Hawks, the logo allows for some nice mask designs, this being one of my favorites after Murray Bannerman.

A couple Carolina era Arturs Irbe from Parkhurst, cards that really look good in person, but didn't scan well.

Speaking of didn't scan well, ugh.

lastly, a couple of not quite masterpeices, but some nice painted style cards from 2002-03 UD Artistic Impressions, I think Nabokov wins the mask design contest here.

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