Tuesday 23 August 2016

A Card Room in Transition

As a part of My Cardboard Habit's contest and a way to add a post in a serious card dry spell for me, I introduce you to my card room / office. Starting with the huge office desk I first showed off in a previous post, and that I am still in love with. The top has a small collection of bobbleheads and figures along with some stadium giveaway cups and an autographed Jeff Bostic helmet.The right side is a mini-library with books I want to keep handy, favorites, to-reads and things I have yet to put away, along with a small row of display cards that is always changing in and out. You can also see the couple posters I have cheap frames for and have decided on a spot for. Somewhere I lost the clip for my Sean Taylor towel and it is hanging sadly my one corner. Fixing that is now priority 1. The empty space is for a spare monitor that will become this rooms TV.

Spinning to my left as I sit at the desk is one of two bookshelves, this one designed and custom built by my Dad for vinyl, with some binder storage at the bottom, but by now most of the binders have found their way to the top cabinets of the main desk. According to my Discogs catalog, there should be around 175x 12" records, 100x 7"s and some random 10" records. The top row sorted alphabetically in two sections, stuff I listen to often, and stuff that is rarely taken out. The other shelves are populated with DVDs, books and a Black Label Ice Strong Beer box full of comics.

My turntable/amp stand has morphed into cardboard storage, while still being able to perform its primary duties along with my 1970's speakers that are not retro, just what I have always had and still work fine and a file folder rack "borrowed" from an old job that serves as storage for the current vinyl playlist at the time. I have no idea why that speaker wire is hooked up by the window just to go back down to the floor.

Bookshelf number two, built to hold cd's, current around 400 along with a few cassettes, also has turned in cardboard, books and just about whatever I can fit into an open spot.

Bonus shot of the wall behind the main desk, featuring the old main desk, completely temporary storage (Hey, that's where I put my drill!) including my guitar and a Chris Iannetta game used bat that I really need a display for.

Looking at all the other posts, I really don't have as much stuff as other people do, and I am hoping to downsize. I realized I really need to display stuff more, I have some nice framed stuff leaning against the wall, and a sweet Neifi Perez poster that needs a frame.


  1. Awesome stuff, man! Behind baseball, music is the second most important hobby in my life. I really want to get into vinyl - I always loved listening to 70's rock with my dad (along with a few Cheech and Chong records - go figure). Thanks for sharing and entering!

  2. That might be my drill!!!! How'd it get over there?

    Repurposing seems to be a mainstay for users. And your dad and Dimebox Nick's dad should hang out for their love of vinyl.