Thursday 13 April 2017

Remember the Astrodome / TCDB Trade

A Trading Card DB trade that I didn't realize until later was with Remember the Astrodome, giving my first taste of 2017 Heritage. I will probably never be a huge heritage fan (unless they start the use in-game photo's, or until we get to 1971) but I always like the expanded checklist that give players like Saskatchewan born and Team Canada vet Dustin Molleken cards. I also get to check Cristhian Adames' weirdly spelled name off the One of Every Rockies checklist.

Also my first taste of 2017 flagship, I am not sold on the front design, but I love the card back. This also might be my favorite card back blurb "David plays without a spleen, but his heart got him back on the field following a brutal injury in 2015 that resulted in the removal of the blood-filtering organ". Whoever at Topps was channeling their inner Nathan Explosion while writing that deserves a raise. 

Catching up on last years Heritage, not always a fan a shared player cards, but the Rockies battery of the future make for a cool combo.

Some set help with the last 1992 Pinnacle I needed and one more short print from 2016 Gypsy Queen.

A couple Rockies oddballs, a Todd Helton cereal card and Brian Fitzgerald who pitched 7 games with the Rockies AAA team, but still managed to get a card with a Rockies logo on it.

Finished off with a rookie card of current Kings GM (or whatever his title is) Vlade Divac. I still love how crazy this set is.

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  1. Glad you liked the cards! I love those crazy Skybox cards too.