Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Check Out Everything Else

I already went through the Basketball and Rockies card, so here is the rest out of the scan folder. If you are will to put some serious time in trading you can get some decent card from the Upper Deck e-pack program, this Tokarski is the Gold version, I really don't want to do the math, but 10 Base = 1 Blue, 5 Blue = 1 Red, 5 Red = 1 Gold.

More Compendium, this time a blue Aaron Dell for the Sharks goalie PC.

A Gold Rainbow Foil from last years flagship of David Backes. I had a lot of fun with the e-pack thing and I hope they keep it so that with a little work, you can still get physical card from the free packs.

On to baseball with a 1977 TCMA of Aldon "Lefty" Wilkie, born in Zealandia Saskatchewan, Wilkie pitched for the Pirates in 1941 and 1942, served in World War II, returning to the Pirates in 1946.

Same set, but different sport as the Darryl Kile card, a Fleer Showcase of Terry Allen, just a beautiful card in-hand.

A card I didn't even know existed until it popped up on COMC. This are from a magazine and the only card of Eddie Mason with the Redskins.

A Short-Term Stop kind of Redskin, Murrell has his name with the Jets and Cardinals, rushing for over 1,000 yards three times, he played 15 games with Washington in 2000 with only 143 yards from scrimmage total.

An acetate card of Nate Sudfeld, who never played a game with the Redskins, was cut and is now property of the Eagles I think.

Checking on more off the 2014 CFL list, Beau Landry who I didn't even realize was with Saskatchewan now, probably because he got got hurt in his first game of the year and is out for the season.

and some Gypsy Queen short prints from the 3 sets I am currently working on.


  1. The latest release (MVP) did not allow you the ability to combine physical cards from free packs. Compendium releases next week, so we will see how they approach that. I'd definitely say to continually voice your displeasure via social media if they screw up Compendium too.

  2. Has anyone opened up packs on Upper Deck ePack? If so, did you like it or not really? I recently opened some packs on Upper Deck ePack and pulled an auto. I'm curious to hear other people's thoughts on it.