Saturday 14 April 2018

Redskins Heavy Trade

Baseball is in full swing, but I always love adding new Redskins and crossing names off the One of Every Redskins lists. Mr. Armentrout (great name) from The Collective Mind blog and I swapped some Redskins, starting with two vintage Skins from 1964 Philadelphia, you will probably never see Kicker-Guard listed as a position on a modern card.

Some awesome quarterback cards, I don't usually love the "drawing" cards, but the Jason Campbell is really nice, going old School with Sammy Baugh and Sonny and the last Rypien rookie I needed. I remember these being big money cards after the Super Bowl win, now, not so much.

Two things I loved about 90's football sets, O-Lineman and Punters.

Three more Brad Edwards cards for my Super Collection that would probably cost $10 to complete, I just haven't done it yet.

Some random defensive players, highlighted by Tony Woods in the awesome 1994 Throwbacks.

A few LaVar Arrington cards, with more throwback action, this time the awesome Spear helmet unis.

Chad Morton's only Redskins appearance on cardboard shared with the old #8 car and Ladell Betts, a new Sean Taylor and Mark Rypien's wife.

Thanks for the trade and HTTR!

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