Sunday 29 April 2018

Buckstore Care Package

Another awesome package from frequent trader Sportscards From The Dollar Store with a little sample for all my team collections, starting with some High End football in Hall of Famer Charley Taylor and my first Ryan Kerrigan auto. I have been looking for a Kerrigan auto for a while so this is a very welcome addition to the collection.

A couple Kirk Cousins card with a throwback jersey Crowder in the middle. It is going to be very weird to see Cousins in Purple next year, I am not sure I am ready for that.

Some really nice looking Field Access, these are my first of this set, they have a Stadium Club kind of feel going on.

and some Rockies, it's nice to see that Topps is giving crayons to grade schoolers and letting them draw cards now. I am not sure if the Aaron Cook fully qualifies, but I am adding it to the Pitchers at the Plate collection.

Possibly the future of the Rockies with Ryan McMahon and David Dahl. I really love the McMahon, from the weird team name to the big club themed jersey, great card.

The lone King, a Willie Cauley-Stein from Donruss Elite. There were also some Bruins, but they got mixed up in my recent hockey re-sort, kind of ironic I guess.

As always, thanks for the cards and expect a return package before too long.


  1. Nice cards! The Kirk Cousins dominators insert is really neat. I need an isotopes card in my collection, for the Simpsons reference alone.

  2. I'm sure crayon art will end up in a real gallery someday if it hasn't already, so I'll allow it