Monday 17 September 2018

One Card Mailday (Topps Now Edition)

I have a love-hate relationship with Topps Now, I love the "moment in time" cards, but the price always throws me off, $10 plus shipping to Canada or processing through COMC is a lot for me, so I was mostly limited to picking them on the secondary market. I probably would have done the same with this one, but it came out the same time as the Player's Weekend set, so it shared shipping with that order, and surprisingly the Spring Training code from the Mike Trout came that came out in the spring still worked.

It was just too bad Holliday didn't get a chance to have a nickname on the back, although the Rockies did take the opportunity for make a pretty clever photoshop


  1. I too have that love/hate thing with Topps Now about the cost. I have something like 10 Topps Now cards? I have gotten them all from Ebay, some from the ToppsNow account. I think the most I have paid before shipping is about $8. I usually try for Free Shipping and about the $4-$7 range. I have missed out on some of them by not bidding or BINing at Ebay and letting them go. UGH.

  2. Haven't jumped on the Topps Now bandwagon yet. Although if they make a card for one of the games I attend, I'll usually try to go out and grab it on eBay.