Thursday 6 September 2018


A rare PWE trade, only 4 cards, but some stuff I am pretty happy to get. Starting with this 2015 Update J.T. Realmuto. This is his first base Topps cards, but no Rookie Card logo. COMC lists this as his rookie card, but he did have a Panini/Donruss card in 2014 with a RC logo, weird that Topps would acknowledge the Panini rookie and leave the logo off this, makes for an interesting card.

Not really familiar with old Chance Sisco, but it's a nice catcher card, and a possible entry into the white guy version of the Key & Pelle "East/West Bowl" skit.

Another catcher card,  an "In the dugout" shot of Jonathan Lucroy.

I have decided I need way more Ray Guy cards in my collection, this was a pretty cool set from the over-production era before cards of retired players were as common as they are now.

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