Monday 10 December 2018

Night of the Living Set

My first dip into the another of Topps On-Demand sets, these have been getting a lot of hype around the hobby and when the chance to get both of these for a reasonable price I couldn't resist. First impressions are that these are nice, better in-hand than scans to justice, which is weird for neo-vintage, usually it's the shiny stuff that I am saying that about. I may not be a full convert, but I will definitely try to pick up any Rockies or other players that catch my interest.


  1. I was a skeptic early on, but the idea of them sticking this set out for a bit drew me in, got a few of my favorite players, but mainly getting hall of famers, chasing rookies is too large (and expensive) of a task for me.

  2. I have a couple in my collection via trade, but I won't purchase any myself... you know, until they make a Vogelbach one.