Tuesday 4 December 2018

A Great Cardboard Trade

This is why trading is so great, I bought some 2018 Update, didn't get anything I really wanted, but was able to start a trade with Cardboard Greats and turn some Red Sox into some keepers, including the above, about 75 Gypsy Queen needs from a set that I total myself I wasn't collecting, but probably lied.

Also some team needs in the way of these black border beauties from 2002 UD Vintage paying tribute to 1971 Topps. Team needs from a set I love, yes please.

More black border goodness and Canadian content as a bonus, an absolutely beautiful 2007 Topps Chrome refractor of Jeff Francis.

A new mini from Topps 205, with no more Gypsy Queen minis I am pretty excited to add a new one to the Rockies collection.

I felt the need to post these just as a reminder to myself that the snow and below zero temperatures will not last forever.

and some Redskins, Art Monk and Darrell Green from when the Redskins were actually good honoring their Hall of Fame inductions.

two examples of how nice sets can make cards of uncollectable players into keepers in Malcolm Kelly Masterpieces and Jeff George on a Heritage throwback.

Finally some quarterbacks including the awesome "spear" helmets with Patrick Ramsey, a super shiny Heath Shuler and a John Friesz. As bad as these guys were, they are looking pretty good after watching Colt McCoy and Mark Sanchez on MNF.

Thanks for the awesome trade!


  1. UD Masterpieces is one of my favorite product lines off all-time. That Kelly is truly a work of art.

  2. Those HOF Chrome cards are very cool. I'll have to try and find one for my collection.