Monday 26 November 2018

"Oh", Say Can You See

Despite the Canada Post rolling strikes, packages keep trickling in a couple weeks behind what they should be. This little beauty came from Sportlots, while Topps has really dropped the ball with base set parallels the last couple years, this is a rare exception. The 2018 Update Rockies checklist is ridiculously small, but the fact the did get an Oh card in there redeems them a little, even if it is airbrushed, and gives the opportunity for horrible puns.

Harrison Musgrave helped fill out the package with his first card, a rare player to make the majors without a pre-rookie Bowman card. This Heritage High Number checks another player off the "One of Every Rockies" checklist.

There were supposed to be 2 Cam Neely cards, but the seller refunded me on one (assuming he did have it anymore) so this was the last card, my 195th Neely card and the first with the actual Canucks logo instead of the big "V" jerseys.

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  1. Nice trio here. I've been trying to get an Independence Day parallel, but the players/teams I want are out of my price range. Did you know they have Canada Day parallels as well? (I think they're just for Blue Jays, though)