Tuesday 8 September 2020

Check out My Bruins 2020 (+1)

The second part of the first COMC package of the year, you wouldn't think it would take almost 30 years to complete a 6 card set, but here we are, in 2020, finally finishing off the 1991 Score Bobby Orr insert set. Also coming along was this weird Upper Deck insert of a young Saint Robert wearing number 30 for some reason.

I don't really like mem cards, but I do make exceptions, these being the only Bruins cards of Alex Auld and Kaspars Daugavins. Daugavins playing in 6 regular season games for the B's, then 6 playoff games including 4 in the Finals. P.J. Stock in the Pooh jersey was too good to pass up, relic or not.

Goalies! Zane McIntyre, formerly Zane Gothberg, formerly a prospect, now a minor leaguer with the Devils. Andrew Raycroft with a rare shot of the 2003-04 Vintage jersey program and Felix "The Cat" from his farewell season in Boston.

Some oddball Goalie action, Finley and Sauve, both with Providence here, would play 2 career games each in Boston, while Eklund never did play for the Bruins.

You have to love Stanley Cup cameo cards (other than Montreal, Chicago & St. Louis), a guy called JFK and a super shiny Cam Neely that I am a little embarrassed I didn't own until now.

A mini Espo from Chronology

Some Young Guns that were to cheap to pass up

closing out with the "+1", Spencer Gerth with a beauty of a card, also "Gerth"


  1. That Pristine Potvin was the second-to-last single I needed to complete the set. It didn't take me 29 years, but it still took too long. I never knew Orr wore anything but #4.

  2. That Summit Ice Neely sure brings back fond memories. My peak years for collecting hockey were 1995 to 1997... and I loved all of those shiny parallels.