Monday 14 September 2020

Check out my Everything Else (2020)

That's right, not enough Rockies cards for their own post, so they get lumped in with the randoms. Going for quality over quantity, I will file this under quality 1997 Pinnacle Museum Collection Artist's Proof absolute beauty of a dufex.

Coming in very close to dufex in the parallels I love department are the Stadium Club Chrome Gold Refactors, not a great photo, but I will always pick up Rockies of these.

Dufex, Chrome and now acetate completing the trifecta, this time with the Rockies only Hall of Famer with a serial numbered parallel from 2003 EX.

I'm not a big Printing Plate guy anymore, but for $2.63 I could pass up a Team Canada 1/1.

Jesus Tinoco did not play for Team Canada, but Saskatchewan native Dustin Molleken sure did, including winning a Gold medal at the 2011 Pan-Am games.

A couple random BBM pick-ups, one for the Catcher binder, and one just for the bird-head helmet.

Another set that I will always add cards from for cheap is 1998 Flair Showcase - Row 0, this Willie Greene at 43 cents, yes please. Also Goose Gossage looking weird in a Giants uni on an oddball release.

Another 2011 Gypsy Queen mini photo variation putting me a 32/100 on a set I know I will never complete.

I was pretty surprised to see Chuck Cecil with a post-career auto card, but pretty happy to pick one up.

Some almost Frankenset addition, John McCown I believe holds to record for most cards with different teams, Harry Swayne and his crazy mask probably only missing the cut because the card has no number, and this Barkevious got replaced in the set, but is still represented, just at a different number.

Some CFL short prints, including one card closer to the 2014 set.

The lone basketball card, didn't scan well, but I can check Isaiah Thomas with the Lakers off my short-term stop collection.

and finally, you knew it was coming, Gypsy Queen short prints as I chip away at various years.

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  1. I'd normally comment on Reggie or one of those Japanese guys... but that 2003 EX Walker is just way too awesome to pass up. I love that set.