Wednesday 16 September 2020

Football Frankenset - Kickoff Weekend 2020

No better time to post a Frankenset post than after wrapping up Week one of the 2020 season.

#16 - 1996 Pinnacle Summit - Emmitt Smith
This card went from an obvious "Silence of the Lambs" reference, to something dumb about The 'Rona.

#21 - Topps Precision - Peyton Hillis
Facemask looks like a cross between Bebop and Bane, also love fullbacks as the main feature back.

#90 - 2007 Topps Total - Neil Rackers / Scott Player
From what I can find Scott Player was the last guy to wear a single bar mask, and also the last player to use the single bar as a chin strap.

#94 - 2008 Score Update - John Lynch
Remember when John Lynch played with the Patriots? No? That's because he didn't in the regular season.

#98 - 2017 Panini - Adrian Peterson
Part of the weird career (and personal life) of Peterson, this from his 4 game stop with the Saints.

#156 - 2004 Topps Total - Jason Witten
Kind of an oddball, Witten wearing #49 from what I guess is from a 2003 Preseason game on a 2004 card.

#168 - 1999 Pacific - Craig Heyward
Love me some "Iron Head" Heyward, from his sunset season in which he played in 4 games with the Colts.

#179 - 2009 Topps - Karlos Dansby
Just a great photo including the Gene Upshaw Memorial patch worn in week one of 2008.

#193 - 2017 Classics - Ray Guy
Hall of Fame Punter on a faux-retro card.

#249 - 1992 Collector's Edge - Eric Dickerson
I have no memory of Eric Dickerson with the Raiders, although he had a pretty good year in his lone season there, and I probably watched this game judging by the Redskins cameo in the back. Also I love the simple black borders of this set.

#604 - 1992 Pacific - Craig McEwen
A former replacement player for the 1987 Scabskins who went on the have a pretty good 5 year NFL career.


  1. My dad was a huge fan of Ray Guy. He started a private blog documenting our family's history. A few days ago, I told him he should write about his support for the Raiders. I'd be surprised if Ray Guy's name doesn't make an appearance if he does.

  2. These are all awesome cards! I think the John Lynch and Jason Witten need to go on my wantlist.