Tuesday 27 August 2013

Rockies from Japan

A sort of odd ball mail-day with some Rockies cards from the Japanese Sega Card-Gen set. These cards show up on the bay from time to time so they are not really that rare, but still pretty different. The Helton and Rosario are from the 2013 set and the Belisle is from the 2012 edition. I believe these are used in an arcade game, but most of the info is in Japanese so I'm not sure the details. Most of the text on the card backs is in Japanese other than a few lines, one of which has Rosario as a "Strong Plate Blocker" and Belisle as a "Dependable Relief Workhorse".

1 comment:

  1. Check if Zippy Zappy is a reader of yours.

    He's super cool and a great treader. he hooked me up with some Dodger cards like this.

    Maybe he's got Rockies for trade.