Wednesday 18 September 2013

COMC Mailbox Service Review

As a Canadian it has been getting harder and harder to buy singles from online site like the Bay and Sportlots with the postal rate increases on packages to Canada. So when added their Mailbox Service (link here) I was hoping this would be the answer to sellers asking $7.00 to ship a single card up North. Last month I found a couple cards I wanted that did not offer Canadian shipping so I decided to try it out. If you are already a buyer on COMC this service is great, all I needed to do was change my shipping address to the COMC Mailbox one and my cards shipped out. About a week later I got an email with a picture of the package and the cards. Over the month I ordered three packages (2 from the Bay and 1 from Sportlots) with a total of 5 cards and all it cost was $5.00. The cards were added to my account and added to a stack of cards I had waiting to be shipped, very easy and much cheaper for me than international shipping would have been.

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