Monday 16 September 2013

Zistle Trade #12

Another trade from Zislte, a site I can not recommend enough for organizing a collection and trading. I have been staying away from football cards as I have around 1,000 Redskins on my trade-list, but I could not resist a Sonny Jurgensen with the old Spear helmet from 2012 Topps. The Rest was the usual mix of Rockies, catchers and a few set needs.

 As much as I dislike multi-team cards, the 1997 Topps draft picks is the only card of John Nicholson in a Rockies jersey and he joins Daniel Carte and current D-Back Chaz Roe "Zero-year" Rockies prospects. Jayhawk Owens adds to the Rockies catchers collection, as well as the players named Jayhawk collection.

The rest were a few set needs for 2013 Series 2, and a 2011 Gypsy Queen. The Joe Mauer is from the 2007 Topps Wal-Mart inserts, 4 years before Gypsy Queen became a yearly thing. The last card shows why I miss Upper Deck so much, Archi Cianfrocco caught 1 inning in his MLB career and UD captures that on his 1997 card. While the 1997 design is not the greatest, I love the fact they added a little note to the photo about what game it's from.

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  1. Nice Adds. I love that Sonny J. I got it from Ebay for under $2 (had to check my blog real quick to see if I had mentioned it and I did back in Dec last year) I liked it soooo much I started getting the rest of of QBs from the subset Kurt Warner (I would have gotten that one anyway), Joe Namath and dare I say it Roger Staubach.