Wednesday 13 January 2016

Black Friday (The Rest, Finally)

I know these are pretty late, but a few cards I wanted to show off before putting away. I might have to stop trying to convince myself I don't like relic cards as my favorite pick-ups were a 30 year old sock card, a couple tie-dyes and this quad relic of Paul Lo Duca. As far as I can find this is the last of the 4 mask cards made that I needed to go along with the Johnny Estrada, Ivan Rodriguez and John Buck.
One more for the Busey Posey puzzle from Panini Triple Play, there will be more of these shown shortly

Some Expos goodies, Bruce Chen sporting a sweet touque.

Ian Desmond who didn't make to the majors until the team had moved to Washington, and is the last remaining link to Montreal until he signs elsewhere.

Gypsy Queen short prints, a couple Mets from the 80's

and a couple close to finishing 2014.

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