Friday 8 January 2016

Gregory Campbell: Bruins Stanley Cup Auto (Kind of)

Something I saw over at Baseball Card Breakdown, dressing up autograph cards. Gregory Campbell never got a certified auto with the Bruins, so here is the other option to peeling off the sticker, printing out a new card with a cutout to show the auto.

I am pretty happy with the end result, with the drawbacks being from the original card. First off the autograph is terrible, for a guy with 15 letters in his name, that is not much ink. Secondly, the auto is very close to the middle of the card, meaning it doesn't allow much room for the photo, and it's also off-center making it look even worse. The custom design is pretty simple, with a nod to the 1962 NFL set. The nice thing about this is, if I decide that I hate it, I can just try again and print a new one off. The original is below for comparison.


  1. That is a sweet looking card. Absolutely love the photograph you chose. Maybe you can find a Chris Kelly and/or Dennis Seidenberg card to doctor up next.