Saturday 16 January 2016

LCS Trip with a Nice Pull

The standard LCS trip for one-touches and a sampling of packs, spreading it around to a couple sports, a jumbo pack of Bowman Draft, a couple packs of Upper Deck Full Forse Hockey and some Panini Complete Basketball.
Pack one of Full Force, I don't buy a ton of hockey, but when I do, I pull Tuukka Rask cards, which I love every time. 
BOOM! Pack two, Connor McDavid. I was really hoping to pull one of these 3D cards, and they do not disappoint, super nice looking cards and this one is up on the bay and should cover the cost of everything I bought.
 Pack three, a acetate card of Kevin Fiala, good looking card, thick and two layered. Happy with all three packs, how often does that happen?

I have seen Panini Complete on a few blogs and the Topps Total style set peaked my interest, and when I saw them at $1.29 per pack, I couldn't pass it up. Nothing special in my 7 packs, most disappointing, no Kings, I was hoping for a Rajon Rondo, but no dice. If anyone is building this set they are all up for trade.
I was honestly expecting more from the Bowman Draft jumbo pack. A couple Rockies including a Brendan Rodgers insert and a guy called Skye Bolt.

The Chrome was better with some names I knew and a new card for the Goalie Mask catcher collection. Never heard of Beau Burrows but that was the only color in the pack with an unnumbered Sky Blue Refractor.


  1. I love 3D/Hologram cards--that McDavid looks great! Would the Dylan Larkin be available in trade? If so, please just let me know what I can get you for it.

  2. Very nice pull on that McDavid. Really like the Full Force cards.